Hello !

I’m really happy to join the « Circling the Spheres » team for a residence from 12th to 23rd of august.

their music is really sweet and creative.

We’ll have two different residences, first in Rosario (Be) second in Antwerp (Be)

In Rosario, we’ll work on Hildegaard Von Bingen Music and will play at the Musica Sacra Festival on the 15th .

Then we’ll move to Antwerp in the Petrus Alamire festival, to work on Josquin Deprez, Pierre Delarue, Agricola’s music, and will play on the 22cond and the 23rd.

Circling the Spheres creates a dialogue between medieval music, improvisation and new music.
Starting from a selection chants of Hildegard Von Bingen and a circular composition system.
Circling the Spheres brings an innovative approach of the chants together into a homogenous and affectively musical journey.

Circling the Spheres made a well received start in “The Bijloke Manufactory ‘early 2015.

here’s a link :


See You !